I have worked with wood from the earliest memories. Working with wood accounts for some of my most enjoyable times. I have been learning more of the Sloyd tradition, carving bowls and spoons and such. To quote Jogge Sundqvist, “I am not un-handy!”

I am a woodturner and ornamental turner. Woodturning is done at a lathe. The lathe holds and spins the wood, while the artisan holds cutting tools against the spinning wood to carve the wood into shapes. Working with the lathe allows me a vast amount of creative freedom; combining lush forms with stunning natural materials. Incorporating features such as natural edges, bark, and voids in a sensually pleasing form is one way of honoring the infinite variety that nature creates.

Quite by accident, I started turning scale miniatures a number of years ago. This has become the major focus of our woodworking business. We have pieces on collections around the world. In 2012 I applied for and was recognized as Artisan by the International Guild of Miniature Artisans. In the old guild traditions, it would be equivalent to “Journeyman.” It was quite an honor, and I’m planning on applying for the “Fellow” recognition as soon as I am eligible.

To see more of my woodworks, check out Standing People Designs on Facebook.


Flutes & Music

I am an avid Native American Flute player. I fell in love with the music of R. Carlos Nakai with his first albums. A gentleman named Larry Daylight introduced me to playing Native American Flute in 1987, and I was hooked. I have played at weddings, funerals, and other occasions. I have played numerous concerts with my good friend Pamela Joyce Weng; with an ensemble of piano, cello, guitar and other instruments. Click here to listen and buy! Or, follow me on Facebook



Much of my other interests revolve around Native American dance, music, and culture. I have been dancing and singing since I was six years old; don’t ask me to count the years! My Great-great grandfather claimed to be Ute. There is no way to trace or register tribal affiliations. I am very proud of my American Indian heritage. My wife and I are active in the Denver Indian Community.

To help carry on my Grandfather’s traditions, I serve as Adviser and a teacher for The Raven Dancers. We teach Native American dance, singing, culture, and craft. For more information, visit the Raven’s Website at: http://www.ravendancers.org

The Raven Dancers sponsor the annual Spring Bear Pow-wow. It is an old-style, fellowship pow-wow with no contests. Spring Bear usually happens at Regis University Field House on Armed Forces Day, so we honor our warriors. Spring Bear Pow-wow is open to all, including those from across the Great Water. For more info, check out our Facebook page or follow this link!

Spring Bear Pow-wow is co-sponsored by alterNative Voices and Regis University.


I also own a small consulting firm, Great Bear Productions. We do audio production, custom woodworks, theatrical construction and upholstery, and occasional web design.

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