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It’s Saturday – I can rest, right?

It’s a lovely November Saturday. I can rest from a long week at work, right. Sigh.

I have three custom orders waiting to be worked on in the shop/studio. Our not very long ago used to be clean, ready to work in shop now looks kind of like a disaster area. Tools from the turning class Alisa taught, and the carving demo I did are just kind of dumped where they got home. Stuff from our art show in Philly a  couple weeks ago is there too. I could work without cleaning up but it will drive me nuts.

I also have to arrange and/or compose new music for the concert I’m doing with Pamela and friends in two weeks. And practice up a bit.

Then the other projects that need attention. Nothing urgent, but after a while just knowing they are still waiting takes on it’s own weight. Hell, I’m even feeling a little guilty about taking time to write a blog post.

Oh! I have Sunday too. Nevermind. Still won’t all get done, but I feel better.

Love to all, Brer Bear ;-D

Oh, and a spoon to carve. Item #492 on the ToDo list. >;->


Quote from Jonas Wainwright, c1832

“I think that if I did not work with wood, my life would be a hollow emptiness. If I did not form and shape and build, what would I have done to leave my mark on the world.

“My eyes have been filled with the endlessly changing patterns of the grains. I have felt the warmth of a thousand suns in my hands every day. I have smelled the rich, tangy odors of the freshly hewn chips.

“These are the things that have made my life so fine. 
These are the most precious things that I can leave for you, my son.”

~Jonas Wainwright, master carpenter, from a letter to his son, 1832.
Quoted from “The Joiner and Cabinet Maker”, Lost Art Press (C)2009