Shape & Form Demo Handout

I was asked to do a demonstration for the Front Range Woodturners in April 2017. I chose to try and share some of what I have learned so far about Shape & Form in Woodturning. Part of what I tried to do was give people the “vocabulary” to start understanding and critiquing form in their own work as well as others.

I felt the demo went well, and was pleased at how quickly people caught on during the “what is good and not-so-good” part of the demo. At the end, a number of the participants asked to to share my slide-show in a form that was downloadable. Here it is: Shape & Form Slideshow.

As you get into the “Starting to look at Form…” section, I ask you to keep my notes covered util you’ve formed your own ideas about why you like of dislike the piece. You don’t have to agree with my notes.

It’s a lifetime of my learning condensed into a 90-minute class. I ended up spending nearly forty hours putting together the slideshow. Most of it trying to organize and communicate some complex ideas in an easily digestible form. My everlasting thanks to my lovely bride, Alisa, for helping in the edit process.


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