Great Bear Productions

Audio Production

In addition to mastering my own recordings, I have provided sound engineering for a number of events around the Denver area; most notable was the Automezzi in 2012.Still have some older analog recording stuff, but have made the move to digital.

Custom Woodturning and Woodworking

I have been working with wood for as long as I can remember. I studied under an elderly carpintero, who taught me about the spirit of the wood. Every time he started a project, he would ask the wood if it wanted to be part of the piece. I try to ask, too. Other early woodworking lessons came from Pete Martinez, when he taught me to make Taos-style drums.

In 1998, I got hooked on woodturning, using my wife’s old Sears Lathe. She got me a nice lathe for my birthday (1999), and we have invested in several more. We call it investing in our “retirement fun”. I mean fund.

I have had the great joy of learning more about turning from such masters as Cindy Drozda, David Nittmann, Keith Gotschall, Richard Raffan, Stuart Mortimer, and many more. The woodturning community is such a great and sharing group.

There is something incredibly satisfying about turning. First of all, a turner can use wood that would otherwise be trash. Or firewood. Secondly, there is a relationship with the wood that is truly awesome.

I have made rattle handles, fan handles, smudge-bowls, and needle cases for friends in the Native community. I have also been encouraged by several elders to start making flutes. One of these days…!

For more information and pictures of our work, please check out our Facebook page, visit our business website: (under construction).

“I think that if I did not work with wood, my life would be a hollow emptiness. If I did not form and shape and build, what would I have done to leave my mark on the world.

“My eyes have been filled with the endlessly changing patterns of the grains. I have felt the warmth of a thousand suns in my hands every day. I have smelled the rich, tangy odors of the freshly hewn chips.

“These are the things that have made my life so fine.
These are the most precious things that I can leave for you, my son.”

~Jonas Wainwright, master carpenter, from a letter to his son, 1832.
Quoted from “The Joiner and Cabinet Maker”, Lost Art Press (C)2009

Wood Carving

Starting in 2012, I have been doing a lot of wood carving, learning to carve traditional spoons, cups, and bowls in the Sloyd tradition. There is something so wonderful about creating something with just a blade and the wood; no machinery or noise. Thanks to online mentors Jogge Sundqvist, Robin Wood, and many more.

Theatrical Construction and Design

With over twenty years of backstage experience, I still can’t get the Theatre out of my soul. I’ve done yards and yards of upholstery, hung lights, painted, moved sets, and just about every other job in a theatre. I love carpentry best, though.

Theaters I’ve worked for include: The Denver Center Theater Company, Country Dinner Playhouse, Boulder Dinner Theatre, and the Shwayder Theater.

My all time favorite shows would start with: Pippin, Camelot, The Man of LaMancha, and Fiddler on the Roof.

Graphic and Web Design

In addition to my love for all things UNIX, I enjoy graphic design. I have created numerous flyers and newspaper advertisements for local businesses.


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